Big on features to convince you. Save yourself time and a lot of effort by automating your lead collection process.

  • Scrape all information
  • Unlimited scraping
  • Save into Excel
  • Search in any language
  • Search in any location
  • Works all around world
  • No hidden APIs used
  • Compatible everywhere
  • 8x6 expert support
  • Free timely updates

How it actually works?

It searches for the search term or keyword that you provide in real browser and then scrape the results into an Excel file.

If there are more than 1 page of results, it will automatically navigate to next page to scrape more until your specified limit reaches.

Scrape full information

Extract contact and other information specified below from your favorite search engine.

  • Business name and category
  • Email, phone number and address
  • Geo-location, plus code and website
  • Rating, reviews and claim status
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